Outdoor Advertising

Our comprehensive outdoor advertising solutions will ensure that your brand is seen in all the right places in Goa. We have a wide range of outdoor advertising solutions to pick from.
Mobile outdoor advertising gives you high flexibility and visibility like no other medium can! MobiAdz has the distinction of owning the only RTO- approved mobile vans in Goa. We use a custom-built Tata Super Ace Mint to reach out to audiences in locations that don't even have any billboards. We zero in on all the regions with the highest penetration of your target audience and reach out to them with our mobile vans anytime, anywhere. With MobiAdz, your brand will enjoy the the power of an advertisement on wheels!

If you want your brand to shine in Goa, then MobiAdz's LED boards are perfect for you! Custom-made to suit every needs, the LED boards are an edgy and exciting alternative to traditional advertising mediums. Bright, colourful and dynamic, LED boards are sure to grab eyeballs and get people talking about your brand.

MobiAdz offers billboard in strategic locations all over Goa for maximum visibility and leverage. With our billboard advertising solutions, you can be rest assured that your brand will connect with the target audience in the most effective way possible.

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